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So many games, so little time :)

Just below you will find the Print, Craft & Play games from our Lockdown Challenge.

Every game is different in game-play, artwork and style. They vary from quick and simple card games to complex tile placing games and board games you can make at home, using a printer and some plain paper. Or if you fancy a bit of crafting, simply follow the instructions that come with every game to create a custom box, tiles and game pieces using ordinary household items.

It's super fun and the results are just awesome!

Have fun, be green, be Green Squirrel :)

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Ready Games:



1-4 players; 20-30 mins

Nuts! is an awesomely simple memory game that will drive you completely... well, Nuts! Inspired by a squirrel’s annual quest for creating a delicious natural pantry of nutty treats and its adorably low success rate in rediscovering its own bounty, we thought we’d see if we, the proud humans, the top of the food chain, the brainiacs of the the natural world can do any better :)



2 players; 20-30 mins

Honey Bee is a buzzy exploration of colourful flower fields, tiny adorable work machines and of course, the business of honey. This colourful worker placement game might seem too sweet, but you will need all you cunning to outwit, outsource and outwork your opponent.



2 players; 20-30 mins


Dragon Scales is a game of gorgeous colours, beautiful patterns and shiny shiny scales. Outwit your opponent, build your dragon egg and prevail.



2 players; 10 mins


Warehouse Wars is a super quick and fun 3 dimensional stackable puzzle. Battle it out for the title of best stacker in this mind twisting warehouse challenge.

Box-compressor (2).jpg


2 players; 30-45 mins

The Little Pigs’ Gauntlet is a deadly maze of stone corridors filled with traps, dangers and treasure.  Not to mention the nagging feeling that someone is always watching, waiting, pulling the strings of this story …



2 players; 15-30 mins

Twine is a stringy, ropy and knotty game of bright colours and wacky buttons. Connect the twine, thread the buttons and avoid frayed edges at all cost … the fate of all woolly jumpers depends on it!



1-4 players; 15 mins

Skyline is a simple, easy

and super fun game for

1 to 4 people. Build beautiful if slightly implausible landscapes in this perfect warm up game for any game night or quiet evening at home.


Rules Updated

(Thank you for the feedback :)



2 players; 15-30 mins

AntiBody is a two player game that involves strategy and cunning. Outwit, surround and defeat your opponent in this battle of invisible armies. 

Shepherd Mess Free Print & Play Game
Shepherd Mess Free Print & Play Game


2-4 players; 15-30 mins

Shepherd Mess is a game of cunning and skill in the art of herding sheep … Get your flock in their pen or there shall be no lamb for

supper :)

Shepherd Mess Free Print & Play Game
King Free Print & Play Game
King Free Print & Play Game


2-4 players; 15-30 mins

King is a game of crowns, croaks and weird vortexes. It’s not just a jewel you know… Whoever possesses the crown shall be king … or queen … you never know with frogs really :)

King Free Print & Play Game
Mirror Mirror Free Print & Play Game
Mirror Mirror Free Print & Play Game


2-4 players; 15-30 mins

A tile placing, route building

game that is quick and easy to make and play,

portable and fun.

Mirror Mirror Free Print & Play Game
RAM Free Print & Play Game
RAM Free Print & Play Game


2-4 players; 15 mins

27 cards, full of sheep, clouds and the occasional ram. Spot the rams, win the game. Super quick and easy.

RAM Free Print & Play Game


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