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Green Squirrel Games


Why? Because it's really really really fun :)

In March 2020, like most people in the world, we found ourselves with a little less work and a lot more time on our hands. To pass the time, keep sane and inject a bit of positivity into the world, we came up with our

60 Day Lockdown Challenge. 

The idea was to design and post 20 completely free Print & Play games in 60 days. It quickly became obvious just how insane this idea was, but we kept going and managed to create 10 super awesome games, all different types and styles in our alloted 60 days.

These days lockdowns come and go, but we have loved so much making these Print & Play games, that we simply keep going :)

And so, if you love games and don't mind a few paper cuts, please join us for this completely free and super duper fun adventure :)


Lockdown Challenge by Green Squirrel Games


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